Our Organization

Bialtec is an organization committed to improve the life quality of the species through solutions that integrate knowledge, market, technology and biodiversity, always with an excellent service and originality.

  • We are creative because inspiration and originality are our main engines.
  • We are dreamers because we believe that there is allways a way for achieving the goals set.
  • We are persevering because, despite all the obstacles, we are convinced that our purpose makes every effort worth.
  • We are rigorous in developing customized solutions for the need of each animal species with high scientific content.

We are sustainable to have a harmonious and efficient future with biological responses that improve our quality of life.

Bialtec Legacy

Our story began in 2011, when two science-lover friends who believed that better solutions can be offered by observing nature, copying biological processes and applying science, assumed the challenge of impacting the world with their ideas, through the field of animal nutrition.

Bialtec Legacy