Biotechnological and antibiotic-free zootechnical additives to supply through concentrates to pigs in the rearing, fattening stage and pregnant mothers.

  • It contains a mixture of specific strains for monogastrics in the dose approved by the European Union, with a high degree of fixation to the intestine.

    Strain protected against pelletizing processes, in addition to gastric acids and juices.

    It creates an anaerobic environment favorable for bifidobacteria in the intestine.

    It blocks potentially pathogenic flagellated bacteria (Salmonella, E. coli).

    Neutralizes toxin from pathogenic microorganisms such as Clostridium difficile.

  • Increases body weight, piglet survival rate and pigs reproductivecapacity.

    Improves the antioxidant ability of the animal.

    Improves piglet immunity, strengthens disease resistance and reduces the risk of diarrhea.

    It contains prebiotics that favor the growth of the probiotic intestinal microbiota, works as a symbiotic in formulations specially designed for current production and health challenges.

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