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Our Organization

Bialtec is an organization committed to improve the life quality of the species through solutions that integrate knowledge, market, technology and biodiversity, always with an excellent service and originality.

  • We are creative because inspiration and originality are our main engines.
  • We are dreamers because we believe that there is allways a way for achieving the goals set.
  • We are persevering because, despite all the obstacles, we are convinced that our purpose makes every effort worth.
  • We are rigorous in developing customized solutions for the need of each animal species with high scientific content.
  • We are sustainable to have a harmonious and efficient future with biological responses that improve our quality of life.

Our story began in 2011, when two science-lover friends who believed that better solutions can be offered by observing nature, copying biological processes and applying science, assumed the challenge of impacting the world with their ideas, through the field of animal nutrition.


Co-founders start conceiving the idea of designing and producing food and feed additives.


Bialtec is registered as an enterprise dedicated to feed additives. It started funding by winning several enterpreneurship contests worldwide.


A patent is granted to Bialtec for the design of Fortcell System.


Bialtec receives capital from another VC fund, changing part of its strategy and redesigning its image.


Bialtec includes in its business units microbiology tests and process engineering services. The current facilities are designed and built.


Cofounders sell their Ebiot’s shares


Bialtec scales and standarizes the encapsulation process for increasing the portfolio including the other species.


Metagenomic is includen in the business model. Bialtec starts an internacionalization process

Team in charge of success

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”. Isaac Newton

We know that what we are achieving today is a consequence of the important discoveries of the fathers of science. In Bialtec we are committed to apply them to bring sustainable solutions that maintain the natural balance of life. Our team leaders are:

Mauricio Agudelo


Chemical Engineer, University of Antioquia. Complementary studies in project management and technological management. 9 years of experience in biotechnology companies. Patent Co-Inventor No. 12 212604 “Fermenter for culture of microorganisms (…)”. Professional acknowledgments: Star sowing engineer 2018 UdeA. Serial entrepreneur, founder of two biotech-based companies.

Darío Rueda


Chemical Engineer, National University of Colombia. Complementary studies in Innovation Management and Strategic Planning. 9 years of experience in biotechnology companies. Co-Inventor of Patent No. 12 212604 “Fermenter for the cultivation of microorganisms (…)”. Co – founder of two Biotechnology based companies.

Lina Toro


Administrative Engineer, National University of Colombia. MSc in Business Administration with emphasis in General Management (MBA). 9 years of experience in the financial sector and 3 years of experience in the biotechnology sector. Complementary training in coaching and development of high-performance teams. Also responsible for the marketing processes.

Camilo Arroyave

R&D+I Manager

PhD in chemical engineering. Chemical Engineer, University of Antioquia. Patent co-inventor WO2012076991 A3 (2012) “Process for modifying zeolite by incorporation of phosphorus (…)”. Responsible for the execution of 6 innovation, research and development projects at Sumicol, University of Antioquia and Colombian Petroleum Institute.

Andrés Acevedo

Production Manager

Chemical Engineer, University of Antioquia with emphasis on statistical quality control. Complementary studies in strategic business planning, Lean and Six Sigma. 4 years of experience in biotechnology companies.

Catalina Bedoya

Technical Commercial Analyst

Zootechnician, University of Antioquia. Specialization in project management. 9 years of experience in the livestock sector and 4 years of experience in the commercial sector. Complementary training in sales and commercial management.

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