Specific probiotics, prebiotics and essential oils formula to be used in horses food in all of their growth ages.

  • CIt contains a protected Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain (coated to resist temperature processes up to 92°C). In concentrations accepted by the European Union, designed to be added in pelleted feed and/or flour.

    It improves the development of muscle mass and animal’s growth.

    It reduces the incidence of diarrhea and digestive problems and makes the fur smoother and shinier.

    It improves the reproductive performance and increases the availability of vitamin E, reducing free radicals.

  • It stimulates the activity of the digestive flora, improving the use of food.

    Strain protected against acids and gastric juices.

    More efficient use of nutrients, including energy, protein, and minerals.

    Greater tolerance to diseases, increased immunity.

    Increase in the growth rate of foals.

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