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Biotechnological and antibiotic-free zootechnical additives to supply in compound animal feed to dairy, beef and dual-purpose livestock

Fortcell Feed® Cattle contains a protected strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae (coated to withstand process temperatures of up to 90° C/194°F), thus maintaining its molecular structure throughout the feed production and digestive processes, without losing cellular activity.

It is used in the formulation of feed for ruminants, in concentrations accepted by the European Union.

Fortcell Feed® creates favorable conditions in the small intestine under the control or modulation of the bacterial population of ruminants to improve feed digestion.

It helps to keep potentially harmful organisms in the intestines (harmful bacteria and yeast) under control.

It works by colonizing the small intestine and displacing disease-causing organisms, thereby restoring the proper balance of the intestinal microbiome.

Productive and economic benefits

  • Enables more efficient use of nutrients, including energy, protein, and minerals
  • Improves body condition and weight gain
  • Improves reproductive performance
  • Stabilizes the pH, reducing the risk of acidosis
  • Increases the number of cellulolytic bacteria and bacteria that use lactic acid, which generates a more stable pH of the rumen
  • Stimulates the growth and development of the ruminal papillae
  • Contributes to improving health and by reducing the number of pathogens, stimulating the non-specific immune response of animals
  • Promotes anaerobiosis
  • Does not generate resistance
  • Does not require a veterinary prescription
  • Does not have withdrawal period
  • If necessary, it can be used in combination with antibiotics to treat diseases
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Instructions of usage:
Deliver orally, as a premix for balanced feed, according to the recommended dose.
The mixed feed is delivered to the farms directly.
Gut health is of utmost importance in antibiotic-free production. Today, the general trend is aimed at reducing their use, thus seeking to stop the alarming increase in bacterial resistance to antibiotics.

Find in Fortcell Feed® the ideal ally to achieve improvements in production taking care of both human and animal health, without sacrificing profits and cost effectiveness.

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