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Biotechnological and antibiotic-free zootechnical additives to supply fish and shrimp through compound animal feed

Fortcell Feed® Aquaculture contains a selection of specific strains for aquaculture species in the dose approved by the European Union. It also contains prebiotics and essential oils, all with a high degree of fixation to the intestine.

It has a patented microencapsulated coat that guarantees resistance to technological factors, gastrointestinal, storage and environmental conditions, maintaining the molecular structure of phytobiotics and the cellular activity of probiotics throughout the digestive process until the reach the intestine, where it is released in a controlled way.

Fortcell Feed® Aquaculture helps to promote metabolites that generate incompatibility against pathogenic organisms, favors and activates the immune system when fish or shrimp are in environments with the presence of pathogens that depress the immune system, favors and preserves the mucosa of the intestine. It stimulates the saprophytic flora (good bacteria) which produces inhibitory compounds that have the ability to act antagonistically against pathogens, therefore, they prevent their proliferation in the hosts.

Productive and economic benefits

  • It promotes the health of aquaculture species and the profitability of producers
  • Its incorporation is a viable tool to reduce or eliminate the incidence of pathogenic microorganisms
  • Is an alternative for the reduction of antibiotics in the prevention of infectious diseases
  • Improves feed efficiency
  • Maintains and supports gastrointestinal health and integrity
  • Contributes to the development of the immune system
  • Participates in the normalization of the intestinal microbiome
  • Promotes the body’s natural defenses
  • Improves Survival Rate
  • Enables a significant reduction in the use of antibiotics
  • Contains prebiotics that favor the conditions for the growth of the intestinal microbiome
  • Works as a symbiotic in formulations specially designed for current challenges such as animal health and reproduction
  • Improves the immune response and resistance to diseases caused by bacterial infections
  • Can be used simultaneously with other products, such as hormones, vaccines and even antibiotics.
  • Its continuous use improves the sanitary status of the production
  • Does not generate resistance
  • Does not require a veterinary prescription
  • Does not have withdrawal period
  • If necessary, it can be used in combination with antibiotics to treat diseases
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Instructions of usage:
Deliver orally, as a premix for balanced feed, according to the recommended dose.
The mixed feed is delivered to the farms directly.
Gut health is of utmost importance in antibiotic-free production. Today, the general trend is aimed at reducing their use, thus seeking to stop the alarming increase in bacterial resistance to antibiotics.

Find in Fortcell Feed® the ideal ally to achieve improvements in production taking care of both human and animal health, without sacrificing profits and cost effectiveness.

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